Iteration 4 spans over the timeframe from the midterm demo day all the way to the final demo day, between 23 October 2020 to 18 December 2020. There were 5 core elements to this iteration which were all developed seperately. Therefore, they will also be described seperately.


Whereas a lot of research was done on how citizens participation in urban design and planning worked, little research had been done on whether citizens would actually be interested in increasing their participation. This was validated via a questionnaire and analyzed in python.

A graph showing how many people are interested in participating more in urban design and planning

People knowing ways of contacting the municipality

Percepting of satisfaction, interest and enough opportunities per frequency of going outside

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The platform is the main base which people can use to explore the builds of other people and compete in championships for example. You can also find your profile page here.

The very first working version of the app where locations are generated by the programm itself

All screens of the first version of the AdobeXD platform prototype (V1)

A championship submission (V10)

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AR Build System

Most part of the project has been dedicated towards developing this system. For that reason, many, many prototypes have been made. A lot of development has been documented and every step along the way helped us to make a fully functional prototype of an AR build system. How cool is that!

Final composited render (27/10/2020)

The very first version of the AR build system (28/10/2020)

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The AR build system was tested with users to test both its usability and its social relevance. People would use the app and apply it in an artificial town. The following semi-structured interview would revolve around their experience with this app and whether people would want to use it if it would come to the market.

The third user test

Mockup prototype of the AR build system

Mockup prototype of the AR build system

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Demoday 18 December 2020

To set things straight, our goal was to have the coolest demo day page of all. We made an amazing video, even containing some VFX shots. Our poster and graphics matched and beautifully explained our concept. we got a lot of great responses and were even featured on Dutch Design Daily.

Logo design explorations drawing in ProCreate on iPad

Graphic 3: Get inspired by others

VFX Final Shot 2 - Showing off what he has built

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